Write about some interesting tech coming out

Every year, tech savvy people and companies release to the market new technology. We all understand that without new technology, life becomes difficult. Many tech companies are trying out new technologies and concepts, and it is a matter of time before they make the big announcements that they have something for us. Here are some interesting technologies in the market expected to change humanity in the next few days.

Apple iPhone8 3D technology

The Apple Company is in the process of developing a new technology for iPhone8. The technology, when released will have the device front camera fitted with an infrared module. The module will sense the 3D spaces.

The sensors fitted in the iPhone will have the capacity to detect the depth of objects and location surrounding it.

The 3D system is aimed at sending IR lights signals from the iPhone. Once these lights hit the object, they return through the 1.4-megapixel receiver.

The new camera is said to be used for various applications such as the iris scanning, facial recognition and improve your selfie moments.

With this technology, you can put your face on a chosen computer animated character. The front fixed camera with the 3D sensor allows the owner use the selfie for augmented reality.

YouTube TV

Many people use YouTube to watch videos. However, this does not give it the real team effect. The YouTube Company is soon availing its live televisions that will change how people view videos.

The YouTube television will give the users some of the best TV live coverage which is a must watch. In addition to this, the user will get a cloud DVR that comes with no storage limit. It is a new development that will give people an opportunity to watch news as they break and even watch live sports without missing a second.

The new technology will allow users to use their cloud DVR as they go. It allows one to stream the recordings made on another device any time of the day.

The best part is that this new television technology will have all your best media houses and associated channels. There will be more than 40 channels streaming your favorite programs.

Detect black matter

Scientists are in the process of developing a new ultra sensitive machine whose aim is to detect dark matter. The machine, also called Bubble Chamber is more sensitive than the current 17 times.

The invention will help individuals and scientists know the interaction between regular and dark matter.

Telescopes cannot detect ordinary matter, but it can be detected using other interactions. It is the device that will help in the detection and get to know more about the many forms.

The new chamber will help in alerting scientists whenever there is a presence of dark matter in motion. Because this new device in progress is sensitive than others, the developers can use this sensitivity issue to come up with a bigger detector which will run longer. There will be no danger of radiation effects. The Bubble Chamber will have to be filled with a liquid sitting below the boiling point measure.

When a small particle with enough energy slams on the device, the bubbles will start to erupt. The chamber will be filled with a fluorine liquid that creates a bubble when neutrons from certain radiations collide. The device relies on the use of temperature to know if there is dark matter presence.

The Pros and Cons of using Drones

With the current days the use of these unmanned devices is everywhere and they can be used for everything. Invention of drones has really led to improvement in life in several ways. They have no human pilot boarded, and instead they are either controlled by a person on the ground or by a computerized program.

These slyness planes are becoming more familiar, not just for battle and military functions, but also for everything from wildlife and atmospheric research to disaster relief sports photography, plantation surveillance. These aircrafts are becoming the seeing and hearing aids of scientist experts by checking the ground for archaeological sites, signs of poaching and crop destruction, and even checking inside hurricanes to study the wild storms.

Contrasting to normal aircraft, drones are often liked for functions that are too risky for human’s intervention like wars and disasters. The drones mainly came mostly in military functions, although their use is becoming wider. In certain countries in Africa like Malawi and Zimbabwe drones are being to transport medicine to remote villages in the countries where there is poor infrastructure than can’t be used by either vehicles or even aircrafts so the best method is to use drones. In Rwanda drones are used to transport emergency blood supplies.

Drones are grouped into six functional divisions:

Object and attraction – They provide floor and aerial ordinance that activate an attack

Surveillance – providing war field knowledge

Fight – providing invasion for high-risk missions

Logistics – transportation of cargo

Research and development – promote research in drones

Civil and commercial functions – used in agriculture, aerial photography, data collection and even for leisure

Pros of using drones

They save lives

Operate on low costs compared to planes

Presence of low risks

Can remain airborne for long hours compared to aircrafts

They are more harmful to enemies as compared to normal planes

Easy to deploy

Good for gathering information

Cons of drones

They are considered as an invasion of privacy since that they are continuously surveilling hence privacy of a place may be leaked

Drones may make people to become deaden to war and killing in general.

May cause injuries and even loss of life

Loss of career by pilots

Cautions of flying drones

Flying drones comes with cautions to be observed like:

•Drones are suitable for persons who aren’t less than fourteen years old, who have skills of flying drones before because they may cause accidents and even death

•When using drones they should not be used under extreme weather conditions likestrong wind, rainy, fog weather among others

•When flying drones is advisable to select a wide open & legal space to fly so as to avoid obstruction, crush or persecution

•When flying drones, is advisable stay-away from high speed rotating components like propeller, brushless motor so as to avoid crush and damage of drones

•When using drones is advisable not to fly in the areas having high voltage lines, communication-base stations/towers, only to mention but just a few, so as to avoid the interference on remote control.

•Is advisable not to fly in prohibited areas like military bases, war spaces to avoid persecution and imprisonment
The future of drones

In the future drones will take from other drones. With the changing technology advanced drones will be invented for advanced functions like waiter drones to serve people in hotels, ambulance drones, drone sporting, and planting crops drones among others

Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition

Ever since the invent of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell to the invention and evolution of the cellular phone gadgets of all types, especially the ones used for communication have been of particular significance. The phone changed and made a lot of things easy for us. It was not just used as a mode of communication but more importantly became a major source of being in touch with loved ones who were far away. With the development of technology, there was the advent of the cellular phones, and this meant being able to be in touch with the loved ones even while one was on the move.

We have always been fans of Nokia products; they make a large variety of handsets from basic entry level ones to high-end smartphones. They rarely disappoint in quality and hence we pounced on the Nokia 5800 when the manufacture

GPS, once a luxury to have on a mobile phone has now become a necessity. So naturally, more and more manufacturers are providing it, and Nokia is the latest player to join the bandwagon. We have done check up for GPS based smartphones earlier, and we saw that the maps occupy lots of space on the memory card and hence you don’t get to use the full capacity of the card for storing music or movies.

Previously, you had to pay a fee for subscribing to location-based service like TeleNav. Google later announced that Google Maps Navigation would be providing these for free and now Nokia is also doing the same.

we had done Nexus One which is an amazing device from the stables of Google. Nokia 5800 cannot match the prowess of Nexus One because the latter is altogether new technology and the Nokia product is just a GPS enabled edition of the Xpress Music 5800 device.

When Nokia gave us the 5800 Navigation Edition for phone testing, they told us that the handset would be available in the market for $299. That is a good price, considering the phone is unlocked. Usually, unlocked phones come with astronomical price tags slapped on them. What sweetens the deal is the fact that you get a solid phone and a great multimedia player as well.

Other than the GPS features, the Nokia 5800 is essentially the same. It has a 3.2-inch touchscreen which gives a resolution of 640×360 pixels. Our only complaint is that the touchscreen isn’t capacitive like iPhone, so you will have to use a stylus for precise touch.

Nokia never disappoints in music quality and neither did the 5800. The handset is accompanied by 3.5 mm headphone jack that lets you plug in any standard headphones. Music heard over the external speakers also sound good.

The 3.2 MP camera come with a built-in flash that lets you take good photos. The camera can also record videos in its camcorder mode, and you get to choose between five quality modes. For storing your photos, videos, and music, Nokia 5800 supports up to 8 GB of memory cards and also has 81 MB of internal memory.

At GSM, the cell phones was finally tested the phone for call quality and we didn’t have anything to complain about. The voices were natural; we didn’t experience any dropped calls, and our friends could hear us clearly on the phone.

electric cars coming out from various major brands

Car makers and innovation firms are making significant capital interests in the formation of the advances for the electric cars. Notwithstanding the clashing reports with regards to the business sector reaction to the new advances. The accompanying are a portion of the more current electric cars to be accessible in the business sector sooner rather than later.

The Aptera Type 1. The space age innovation configuration of this vehicle has made this an unmistakable head turner. With a specific end goal to arrange for the unit, one needs to contribute $500 and the proprietor must be a South California occupant. When this is done, the forthcoming proprietor’s name would be incorporated into a database of different proprietors anticipating the vehicle. It is accounted for that this configuration would cover a scope of 600 miles. With this force and look, plainly this electric auto would design for the space age.
1.The Venture Electric Car.

At first look, this electric auto seems as though it’s some youngster’s toy. The vehicle has a wind motor that would get a breeze to help the electric engines thirty-mile range for its top rate of 30 mph. The vehicle additionally has a sun sheet that houses a lot of its vitality frameworks. The organization tasks to fabricate more than 200 vehicles in its beta stage and relying upon client reaction, the eventual fate of this configuration is still open to question.

2.The City Zenn.

Showcased by the organization as an electric auto that seems to be “sturdy, light, all the more effective and naturally agreeable”, this redesigned golf truck has numerous shocking elements. It gloats of just a five moment energizing time for its battery cluster and has a reported scope of 250 miles. The Toronto based designers of this vehicle is basically a souped up neighborhood electric vehicle.

3.The Think Ox.

The normal velocity of this electric auto is at 62 mph and can travel 100 miles on a charge. This Norwegian auto was once some portion of Ford Motors and the buzz has been high for this vehicle. There are no clear actualities as to cost and accessibility dates yet one of the uplifting news for this configuration is the lithium particle batteries worked by A123 Systems.

4.Electric battery auto

This auto is uncommonly controlled by gathering of batteries or by utilizing battery pack. Because of its controller gadget, this force supply can without much of a stretch direct. It backings to battery control with the goal that it work effectively. There are no odds of wear out. The arrangement of this auto is comprised of different segments like wires, transfers framework and breakers. In light of its electrical wiring, battery guides current to various parts. To make assurance framework, they utilize wires. Aside from all these automobile parts, it additionally incorporates battery, wire, electric controller, transfer and wire. The rundown additionally incorporates electric connectors, fusible connection and switch. It makes electric framework solid. The wheels of the cars are exceptionally set as close with regards to the each edge of the electric cars.

There are distinctive sorts of batteries accessible in the business sectors which are utilized as a part of the electric cars. The life range of this battery relies on quality and force supply. 97% of these batteries are qualified for the reuse procedure.

A Future Car You Are Interested In and Why

Nowadays, a car has become our necessity for easier and faster transportation and avoid from being late to our daily activities. It is, therefore, paramount for everyone to own a car. It is every person’s desire to purchase one someday. Some get the chance to own a vehicle while others are restricted by their finances among other factors. Buying a car is sometimes confusing, but a fun experience. Several car companies are promising quality cars with reasonable prices that made it complicated for you.

Chevy is one of the most trusted, luxurious and dependable brands in the world market of cars and vehicles. It is known for its technological and innovative designs and unique styling. The Corvette is one of its famous and memorable cars sold in America and its environs.

The Chevy Corvette was famous to be the first complete American sports car created by an American car company. The sports car has been known because of its excellent quality and lower price. Corvettes are far simpler than the technical sports car that’s why it is cheaper. Because of its simplicity, Corvettes seems to be smaller and weigh less than sports cars manufactured abroad.

The Corvette continues to be loved by automobile enthusiasts. It has been a remarkable part of automotive history. It was able to survive and remain accessible up to present times. Its high sales, popularity, and fame made Chevy stayed on top regarding motor car world business in both histories and current times. The Chevy’s durability and classic appeal earned the loyalty of its customers and owners.

If you’re planning to buy a Chevy car, always trust to certified Chevy dealers so that you will not get fooled. There are dealers out there who take advantage of innocent car buyers. This is to make sure that the car you purchase has been properly examined and tested before purchase. Always look for a Chevy dealer with a good reputation that will treat you with respect as a customer and a company that prioritizes your end rather than earning too much. Find a dealer that will not only meet your needs but also anticipate your future needs. They surely will provide you with the car that bests for your lifestyle at a price you can afford.

An online examination or comparison on thousands of Chevy dealers near is a good idea for you to find the best dealer to assist you in looking for a Chevy car and eventually will provide the vehicle that fits best for you. Doing online canvass will enable you to differentiate the prices and specs of the product from thousand dealers in just a few minutes rather than making a door-to-door canvass. You can easily get company’s information, item listings, and photographs of the items and detailed information on the car that you’re interested in buying. Being happy in the end will evaluate if you had made the right choice of purchase. It is that you follow the information as mentioned earlier to make everything simpler for you.

Are Luxury Car Brands Following Tesla’s Footsteps, and Is It a Good Thing?

Lamborghini Urus Electric SUV Concept

There’s no denying the fact that Tesla Motors has caused a much needed shakeup in the luxury car market. Hybrid electric and all-electric vehicles, which were nothing more than a small niche a decade ago, now account for a significant portion of the luxury and consumer car markets. Tesla, seemingly against all odds, has managed to claim 8% of the luxury market, which is an incredible feat, considering it is competing with the likes of Audi, Mercedes Benz, and BMW.

By taking such a significant portion of the market in such a short time, many now see Tesla as an innovation leader, even though they are still far behind in gross sales volumes. Many would even go as far as saying that Tesla is the most influential car maker of the current generation. Is this true? And if we were to look at other luxury manufacturers, would we see them following in Tesla’s footsteps?

Luxury Car Makers Influenced by Tesla, But Taking a Different Approach

It has been only 8 years since Tesla launched their first fully electric vehicle, the Tesla Roadster. Since then, the company has sold around 125,000 vehicles, which puts it right up there with the leading electric car manufacturers. In the luxury market, the Tesla Model S is the undisputed all-electric leader. The only plug-in car that has sold more, is the Nissan Leaf, which is a mainstream compact car.

With such success, it is not surprising that the other luxury manufacturers have taken note. In 2015, Mercedes Benz already had three electric car models, but some of the other leading manufacturers were lagging behind. Noticing that their sales were being eroded by customers wanting to move to emission-free vehicles, some of the other top companies started developing their own offerings. Two of the most noticeable, are the Porsche Mission E, and Audi’s electric Quattro, the E-Tron.

The E-Tron Quattro is a fascinating concept. Rather than building from the ground up, as Tesla did, Audi is using a brand name that is trusted, and styling that is reminiscent of the existing Quattro models. No doubt, Audi hopes that this will help people to associate the vehicle with the kind of prestige that already exists with the Audi brand, which in contrast, is something that Tesla has had to build over time.

Audi positions their car as a hybrid that doesn’t compromise when it comes to performance. It can be charged at home, and can switch over to a regular high efficiency combustion engine to increase mileage, practicality, and reliability. This is a significant difference from the Tesla philosophy. Audi, and most of the other large automobile manufacturers, believe that the hybrid is a more efficient and more realistic answer to ecologically conscious and sustainable motoring. This is something that is likely to resonate with customers in a number of markets where an all-electric vehicle is not suited to the infrastructure that is available.

Looking at the Quattro, and other cars like it, it is clear that the luxury giants have been roused by Tesla, and forced to make new design choices to compete with their newest challenger. However, it is interesting to note that most manufacturers are not investing completely in electric technology, and instead look to hybrid power delivery systems, which are arguably more suited to established car markets, and therefore could attract larger sales figures than what Tesla has so far been able to achieve.