How will self-driving cars affect our lives?

Every day we hear about new technologies meant to improve our lives and to make everything easier. But we never stop to ask an important question: how these new technologies will affect our lives in the future? One of the most discussed innovative technologies nowadays is that of driverless cars. Important companies such as Apple or Google try to develop this concept and make it usable in our daily tasks.

The first step that brought us closer to the concept of self-driving cars was the bundle of features a car has nowadays such as parking assistance or speed notices. As it happens with any new tech that appears on the market, driverless cars are subjected to many controversies. Some say this is a dangerous way of driving a car, while others support the idea due to the fact that everything will become simpler to use. It is expected that this type of technology will manage to reduce accidents, which are mainly caused by driver`s errors.

On the other hand, some specialists estimate the fact that self-driving cars will cause an economic imbalance, due to the fact that insurance companies and even hospitals will have fewer cases to deal with. Moreover, if we consider the broader image, we have many drivers for trucks, taxis, large vehicles, buses and so on, jobs that will disappear for sure from the market. The prognosis for those that have such jobs is a bit darker than expected. Researchers estimate that the appearance of such technology will lead to many unemployed people.

The founders of this concept underline one major benefit: the mobility. It is expected that with such technology people will be able to move faster throughout the city (at least in theory). Also, some say that those driverless cars will eliminate the hick line between public and private transportation. We will be able to use a car in the morning and offer it for other people to use it while we do not need it. It is a picture of a greater good that can arise from such new tech. Furthermore, another benefit that we will all want to see is that of a better traffic. These self-driving cars will be the ones that will set the tone on the streets allowing for a good traffic management.

But is this type of technology trustworthy? Besides all of those pros and cons, we will still keep wondering whether or not it is safe to ride in a car that drives itself. Researches affirm that such can be safe and rational. It is still in question if such cars can suffer from internal errors or not, or simply if they can be controlled at all times.

Self-driving cars will become a trend in the near future where we will be faced with this major change. Imagine waking up in the morning, use an app on your phone and simply call for your car. Indeed it resembles the Uber technology, but it has something more: you will simply get your driverless car at your door. Let`s say that in the future we will be challenged to trust such innovative technologies, which will alter the way we see and lead our lives. Ask yourself if you are ready to witness and use this type of upcoming technology.

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