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Three Cars to Look Forward to in 2020

At the turn of any decade, everyone has fresh hopes for new technology that would revolutionize the future. The automobile industry, in particular, always draws immense attention towards itself from voracious car aficionados. And why not? After all, there are so many new cars expected to conquer the roads in 2020 alone.

Let us look at the top three cars to look forward to in 2020!

1.Volkswagen Golf GTI

Volkswagen’s GTI was appreciated worldwide, so expectations are high with the new Golf model. This hatchback has a sporty exterior and a sportier set of specifications, with a cost of around $30,000. The new version will have a turbocharged 2.0L TSI engine, so no wonder it is touted to be a smooth ride.

The modern-day wonder will allow its fortunate driver to select the driving mode they want – normal, comfort, sport, and others. It is also supposed to have some cool new entertainment options. Add to that the rebooted driver support that the car will present to everyone on the steering wheel. It sure seems like an explosive combination, but do not take that literally!

2.Tesla Roadster 2.0

Tesla’s new offering Roadster 2.0 is expected to beat its prequel, which goes from 0 to 60mph in just 1.9s. That is probably enough to catch anyone’s attention. The automobile, which boasts of being the quickest car in the world, is said to have top-notch aerodynamics. To top it all, it can be used as a convertible, with its removable glass roof.

Only time will tell how many more features will get piled on to this model, given Elon Musk’s Midas touch. Meanwhile, it is expected to cost you around $250,000. That is probably why Tesla is taking so long to launch it since the announcement in 2017. To make it worth the price!

3.Ford Bronco

Just when it was about to become vintage, Ford announced the launch of a supremely upgraded model of Bronco. If it was not famous before, it certainly became so in 1994 when O J Simpson’s Bronco became the news of the century. So naturally, it immediately became news when the new version was announced. All eyes were on the prototype that became a subject of fervent discussion. Late last year, the company took the new Bronco-R model to Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula to flaunt its brand-new capabilities. This prototype itself was created with virtual reality and 3D printing in the toolbox.

Most would agree that this might just be the snazziest car of the year, with an uber-cool look. The new SUV’s 0 to 60 time is expected to be around 7.5s. From the cost perspective, it could be very much under $30,000, just like Golf GTI. So, it will be hatchback vs. SUV for this dynamic pair!

Looking at their rock-solid features, one cannot be sure which of these cars will emerge as the car of the year. Nevertheless, 2020 is not going to disappoint automobile enthusiasts expectantly waiting for a new beast to ride on the road.

Is Sneaky Targeted Advertising Ethical?

Social media marketing is arguably the most sought-after marketing tool in the online marketing business.

And while many of the big names prefer the straightforward approach to marketing their brands, there are some brands that resort to sneaky advertising techniques to capture the interests of consumers as well as target the relevant markets.

How Is Sneaky Targeted Advertising Done?

When it comes to internet marketing, data is of utmost importance, and the future will favor those who give importance to it and collect it throughout. Germany won the 2014 Football World-Cup partly because of better data management and forecasting techniques.

Therefore, data can be a very useful tool in determining the outcomes of many events. Online marketers on social media use a lot of techniques to target the right people for their advertisements. The following are some of these techniques;

Personal Data Violation – This technique involves the buying of consumers’ data stored on platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp, and then learning about the interests of such individuals in a bid to show them advertisements that capture their interests. Advertisers also use dishonest techniques like making people fill surveys and use their call recordings to determine their likes and dislikes.

Fake Contests on the Internet – Many times, promoters create fake contests to help their brand gain more awareness and in the process, target their more people. There are hundreds of contests on the internet that ask you to participate through commenting the correct answer’’ or sharing the post among your other social media friends.

Sneaking Into The Minds of Children – Sneaky advertisement could also feature in television programs that focus on young kids, such as cartoons. As marketers know that kids are going to be watching these channels, they advertise their products directly to the children, bypassing their parents. Basically, they are sneaking into the minds of children to influence their parent to buy them the products being pushed.

The Good

Such techniques of marketing might not be seen as acceptable to many people around the world. But it is also true that due to sneaky advertising practices, consumers have been able to discover many products that exist out there, and are therefore better informed before making a purchasing decision.

It should also be noted that due to such techniques, irrelevant advertisements are no longer there to bother a consumer. There is so much data to consume today and such methods of advertisements are desperately needed so as to filter out the data that’s irrelevant for a given consumer segment.

The Bad

Yes, sneaky targeted advertising is extremely helpful for a lot of brands out there, especially for budding businesses. It leverages the indecisive behavior of consumers, and helps them know about the products that they need but do not already know about.

The principal concern here is that the personal data of such consumers has to be compromised so as to produce satisfying results for brands and marketers. Personal data and security is a huge concern for anyone today, and no one is ready to compromise it for even their own convenience.

Sneaky target advertising practices may have given some edge to brands and their marketing, as well as benefit consumers one way or another. However, data protection is a key factor in this technique, and sneaky target advertising compromises on that.

That factor alone makes these marketing techniques purely unethical. And while the law may be silent in most cases, the numerous cases of massive data breaches might soon force concerned authorities to legislate against these practices.

Car Automation and How Come it’s Been Slow to Roll Out

It has been predicted by the car making companies that the first self-driving cars could hit the market as early as 2020. This, however, has been rubbished by some critics citing several factors that could postpone this driverless bliss. They are asserting that it may very well much farther than numerous people may realize. We take a look at why this technology might be slow to roll out below

Technology involved. The driverless cars are heavily dependent on one piece of technology called LIDAR. This technology helps the cars interpret surroundings. It stands for light detection and ranging.

The sensors are very expensive and difficult to manufacture. There are not enough companies manufacturing this technology with the capability to meet demand. The technology has been built from scratch and still has a long way to go in terms of development. Moreover, there are different weather conditions in different places that the engineers building the cars haven’t figured out yet. The infrastructure required to make self-driving cars possible is also quite a challenge. Getting 5G internet speeds on all

roads in the world, functioning traffic lights and smart roads is not something that is guaranteed and even if achievable could take years.

Common sense

Driving is an intensely social process that requires common sense. Even though it may seem simple, it is something that robots lack. There are

thousands of situations that come up every day while driving such as a person absentmindedly standing by the road.

Self-driving cars may interpret this as the person wanting to cross the road and stop, something that a human being can quickly determine. It has been suggested that companies focus on autonomous cars that one can easily change from auto-pilot and driver mode. But this has also faced criticisms as shared control could increase the rate of accidents.
The technical know-how

The technology involved in creating self-driving cars is built from scratch. As a result, there are only a few professionals who have the
talent to build these cars. This has resulted in poaching, inflated incomes and a lot of money invested in individuals in this field. Several lawsuits have also sprung up involving poaching. Universities have also put complains about losing top research minds to companies seeking to find headway in the industry. estimated that engineers working on self-driving cars were estimated to be earning in excess of 10 million dollars per individual.


Human beings cannot tell the difference between a car that can fully self-drive itself and one that is partly reliant on them. If given a chance to wander, the human brain most often does, in this regard, employing the self-autonomous car technology may lead to more accidents than those currently available. There will definitely be a period of transition where the companies involved in the creation of these cars will be engaged in frivolous lawsuits involving accidents. This may slow down the rollout of the technology and even affect the level of acceptance by consumers. The cars could also be prone to cyber-attacks. The software used could be hacked and the cars turned into weapons.

Porsche Mission E Able To Compete With Tesla?

Porsche Mission E is expected to be introduce into the market in 2019 in three power levels. These are Carrera, Carrera S and Turbo flavors. Leave out the 2015 model, that’s nothing compared to this beast.
At the moment Mission E is the first ever successful Porsche’s electric sports car with the three power levels incorporated. This has made Porsche to dedicate almost all its resources into making Mission E a reality. This means that Porsche had to set aside some existing space in the factory to accommodate the upcoming machine.

Mission E is basically the future of all cars, a possible future. It will be one of the Porsche’s mega inventions as it will meet every Porsche’s standard in terms of performance, driving torque, stability, efficiency and even design outlook.

Mission E will be able to achieve 250 miles charging speeds in less than 20 minutes. that is approximately 400 km. It will be using combination of both hardware and software to charge for the best UX. For instance, the drivers will be able to easily reserve charging spots as part of the normal satellite navigation and GPS journey. This puts it slightly above the Tesla’s Supercharger network.

Porsche Mission E is not an ordinary sports car. It has a completely new power train which is based on technology tested in motor-sports. It is propelled by a duo PSMs (Permanent-magnet Synchronous Motors) which also recovers full energy when braking. The two are distributed in the rear and front axles. Adding on that, it has a combined output of over 620hp, which blasts it from 0 to 62 mph in 3.5 seconds and up to 125 mph in 12 seconds. The Porsche cools down really fast as the PSMs turbos smoothly and efficiently convert electrical energy into propulsion. This is entirely not the case with Tesla.

Driving Torque and stability
Driving very fast in a straight line is as easy as doing anything else. Mission E is loves the winding roads and sharp corners. The battery and engine lies flat on the under-body distributing weight evenly on the whole car and lowering the center of gravity. This makes it impossible for the Mission E to spin or skid out of the road during a sharp bend. Moreover, the evenly weight distribution also promotes balance hence can operate to its full potential. The front and back wheels both help to steer, making M.E to remain stable, faster and precisely during corners.

Porsche Mission E doubles the standard charging voltage to 800 which is a shorter charging time than the Tesla, as well as less weight since the copper wires are the ones to transmit energy. Moreover, the lithium-ion battery can drive the car for more than 300 miles after the first charge, and another 250 miles after a 15 minute charge, which is half the time that Tesla takes.

Generally, Porches’ are always thrilling in their outlook and Mission E will not be an exception. It has an arrow like front which makes it cut through the air while racing and appear lavish. It has matrix LED headlights and driver assistance sensors.

4 Major Concept Cars You Should Know About

Wondering what a concept car is? This is also known as a prototype or a show vehicle that is made to display new technology and designs. They are usually displayed at motor shows to evaluate the clienteles’ response to new and fundamental projects which in most cases may and at times may not be ready-made. These cars do not directly into production; rather, they
go through various changes before the project is concluded for the sake of cost, monitoring compliance, security, and expediency.

Concept cars are usually thorough when it comes to their engines and design. Some of them use striking, non-traditional and
exclusive resources that range from paper, carbon grit to sophisticated compounds. Moreover, other concept cars have distinctive draughts like gull-wing doors, approximately three to five doors and other unique capabilities that are not usually found on normal cars. The cars have unrealistic learnings and for this reason, they never cross the gauge mockups or even the sketches in computer design. Some of the traditional concepts can be advanced into fully operational machines with functioning accoutrements and drivetrain. Most concept cars are in an in-between- state that does not represent the ultimate invention.

Through the amazing modern inventions and technology, there are major concept cars that should come sooner rather than later and have already appeared in car shows. They include:

Nissan IDx Freeflow

This is an amazing car that was thought of with the aid of digital natives as part and parcel of a new collective design procedure that the automaker campaigns to use for the second time. Nissan producer requested the youth to assist in designing their perfect vehicle and it was fascinating. According to the results, the perfect model was not something was
complex and exaggerated with an internet connection and automatic driving, in fact, it was overly old school and bringing to mind the offbeat masterpieces that were used back in the days.

The IDx Freeflow centers on a simple and spotless beautiful design and desire. It is oriented more in performance and has a
variety fashioning essentials from race cars. The ‘ID’ stands for identification, referring to how people’s personalities help them in identifying with cars that they are best suited for. The ‘x’ is a representation of the varieties found in the project course. Gladdened with the results of this fascinating concept car, and the fact that this vehicle greatly reflects the
desires of the customers, their perceptions, and creativity in different levels, it is a model worth releasing sooner than later.

Toyota FVC

Toyota FVC is almost coming to its ultimate product. It is not just by the outside appearance but also with the technology it comes with. Toyota has been able to place the fuel cell of the car under its flow in order to evenly distribute the mass and also be able to lower the center of gravity. This is meant to aid in sanctioning better management dynamic forces. The car has a doubled up power density of approximately three kilowatts per liter and its size has also been reduced by a third. Toyota has also been able to lessen the amount of compacted hydrogen fuel tanks in the vehicle from four to two which is essential in saving space and also mass. Even though fueling set-up still is a challenge to implementation, practicalities are in place to
ensure more stations are installed to help make this project a reality.

Nissan Blade Glider

This is another concept car that Nissan intends to build. It is triangular shaped and is motivated by hang gliders. The Blade
Glider’s mass restson its hindmost wheels while a distinct under body platter crafts sufficient down force to fasten the vehicle to the highway without requiring the spoilers and emblematic extensions that are normally used to
improve airflow on conformist automobiles. The fact that the car is triangle in shape reduces its mass and also enhances smooth efficacy. The driver sits in the middle, bordered by two commuters at the back.

This proposed concept is Electric-made entirely and more prominence is of its seed and efficiency. This amazing car is the
next-generation sports car, a model that marks a shift in paradigm, from the quest for better enactment and more power to concentrating on radically cutting weight.

Toyota FV2

A single glance at this model and you might be lured to discharge it as virtuously fiction scientifically. However, visiting the Toyota’s workrooms and seeing the technological levels that the company has recently developed like having electric wheelchairs steered by brainwaves to many will seem absolutely conceivable. Sure as it sounds, the FV2 does not have a navigation wheel and no gearshifts to brake or accelerate instead, it is steered wholly with a person’s body motion, for instance, you lean to the side and it turns or if you want to speed up you simply tilt forward. This notwithstanding, facial and voice recognition expertise enables this vehicle to perceive how the chauffeur is feeling and even recommend suitable terminuses. When its brightness function is put on, the car can serve as an enormous mood ring as it matches its outside body color to the sensational state of the chauffeur. The main aim of this project is to figure out how to help machines
and people to connect through gestures and also expressively. This might be frightening and thrilling at the same time.

Mitsubishi Concept XR-PHEV

Although the Mitsubishi’s relevance has diminished over the past years, there is a comeback plot. The XR-PHEV is amazing since it gives a hint of what the next Mitsubishi Outlander Sport will be like. This car simply proposes that it will remain on the roadway and not venture off-the-road. Considering the difference on what is under the cover, it has a one point one three-cylinder turbocharged petrol locomotive that is attached to a rechargeable motor. At the name designates in PHEV, it is definitely a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle that will make your life comfortable and modest at the same time.

It’s evident that technology has a lot in store for us. Above is just but a few of the major concept cars that have already appeared in car shows and should come sooner rather than later.

5 Of The Coolest Camping And Hunting High Tech Gear Available In 2017

The rewards of spending time camping and hunting is priceless, not everybody who has the desire possesses the means to do it. I believe getting hold of the most recent and technological driven gear is worth it as you try to maintain sanity and safety in the wilderness or great outdoors. To facilitate a great camping and hunting delight for your wild adventures below is a compilation of the 5 coolest high-tech gear available in 2017.

1. Exotac Nanostriker Fire Starter

The worst nightmare after spending time gathering and chopping wood for a campfire is struggling to light the fire. Fortunately, the exotac nanostriker fire starter avails an ultra-portable as well as a collapsible feature that has been proven to give users not less than 2800 fire starting strikes. It is made of 6061 aluminum and has a replaceable 1/4” Ferrocerium rod that still lights even when a little bit wet. It cost an average of $27 and has a range of colors to choose from including black, orange, green and grey.
2. Eberlestock Pack System

This is a fully modulated system that encompasses the F1 Mainframe and a set of A6SB Batwing pouches. The pouches are versatile and can be swung apart, and a dry bag can be zipped in between the pouches. When the system is spread further apart, you can be able to insert a large game quarter between the frame and the dry bag. Alternatively, everything else can be removed, and the frame alone used to transport meat. The harness is tight and comfortable. The fabric used to manufacture the pack system is waterproof, and everything else is hydration compatible. It has a retail price of $260 and above. It is thus an impressive and an extremely customized system.

3. Martin Carbon Featherweight

When it comes to bows, 2017 will go to record books as the year when the price of significant performance dropped drastically. The martin carbon featherweight is a 340-IBO carbon-riser type of bow. There are many bows on the market with an approximate price of $1200. This one costs half of that. It shoots rather well given its price. It is difficult to find a bow with a short carbon-riser with at such a price and performance.

4. Handpresso Wild Hybrid Espresso Machine

Camping frustrations always arise when a piece of equipment becomes faulty. Well, that will not be the case anymore. Handpresso Wild Hybrid Espresso Machine makes it possible to have caffeine-infused foods while camping or hunting. The small size of the machine makes it highly portable and packable. So the Handpresso fits well into all camping or hunting backpacks. It is available at an average price of $130.

5. Thermacell Backpacker

This is the most innovative answer to annoying mosquitoes. When surrounded by mosquitoes Thermacell covers you by repelling the mosquitoes. It has a can of Isobutane fuel which is similar to the fuel used in the typical backpacking stove. It weighs 4 ounces and runs up to 90 hours when operated on a 4 oz. fuel canister. The Thermacell has a piezo lighter, creates 225 square foot of foot refuge from mosquitoes, and is not harmful to humans or pets. It retails at an average price of $39.

Automated Cars versus Human Driven – Pros and Cons

Technology is tremendously transforming the automotive sector. From developments in forward emergency braking in posh cars to green technology, innovation is changing the entire industry. According to manufacturers, automobile automation should arrive by 2020 if not earlier.

As of mid-2015, popular carmakers such as Ford, Nissan, NASA, Tesla, and Google have always had a project in the pipeline. Persistent rumors have it that Apple is contemplating joining the fray.

So what does the future hold for the automotive industry? Can automated cars replace human driven cars? Perhaps looking at the pros and cons of each will help us answer that million-dollar question.

Automated Cars


Efficient transportation

In the big cities, traffic gets worse by the day. The combination of taxis, public transportation, and personal vehicles creates mayhem. The IBI Group reports that autonomous vehicles will not only decrease auto ownership but will also improve public transportation thus ensuring transport is more efficient.

Traffic safety improvements

According to a study, 90% of accidents are as a result of driver error. 20 – 30% of the accidents are attributed to distracted driving. According to a report by the IBI, driverless cars will bring down the severity of 90% of all accidents. When the cars arrive, many manufacturers opine that they’ll reduce traffic related fatalities and collisions drastically.

Ample space for public, retail, and housing areas

Cars take up roughly 1,300 square feet in terms of parking. Averagely, automobiles are usually parked 95% of the time. Just think about the huge number of parking lanes, parking lots and parking garages in cities …

According to many reports on autonomous cars, users would summon them only for short trips around town. Unlike the human driven cars, shared cars will always be on the move throughout the day picking and dropping folks. That means that there won’t be need for parking which in turn save vast amounts of space.


Urban sprawl

The fact that automated cars will be reliable and accessible means that people will purchase their own rather than utilizing sharing services which dill encourages further urban sprawl.

Anti-robot backlash

Convincing folks that driverless cars and AI are better and safe compared to the human driven ones is an area of concern. In fact, in most countries, driverless cars continue to face backlash even prior to their arrival.

More wear, tear, congestion and vehicles

Since many people will prefer automated cars to public transport, it means that they’ll accumulated plenty of mileage, which might lead to more breakdowns, wear and tear.

Human Driven Cars


Highly affordable

Compared to the self-driving cars, human driven cars are pocket friendly. Chances are high that the automated cars, once they arrive, won’t be within the price range of a good number of ordinary people.

Source of employment

The other advantage of human driven cars is that they employ a huge number of people. The arrival of autonomous cars means that taxi drivers and truck drivers will lose their jobs.

Not susceptible to hacking

With the cars of the future, they’re susceptible to hacking. Hackers can find their way into the car’s software and affect its functionality. When such a thing happens, it can cause such a serious security worry.


Human drivers get distracted

Unfortunately, most drivers easily get distracted while on the road thus endangering the lives of others. Some drivers mess the radio, make calls, text etc. Resisting these urges can be hard. Automated cars won’t struggle with such temptations.

Humans have a short attention span

If you’re to avoid an accident, you must be very fast in terms of your reactions. You must be aware constantly of everything around you. The average attention span for human is 8.25 seconds. Fortunately, self-driving cars will not have to grapple with this issue.

How will self-driving cars affect our lives?

Every day we hear about new technologies meant to improve our lives and to make everything easier. But we never stop to ask an important question: how these new technologies will affect our lives in the future? One of the most discussed innovative technologies nowadays is that of driverless cars. Important companies such as Apple or Google try to develop this concept and make it usable in our daily tasks.

The first step that brought us closer to the concept of self-driving cars was the bundle of features a car has nowadays such as parking assistance or speed notices. As it happens with any new tech that appears on the market, driverless cars are subjected to many controversies. Some say this is a dangerous way of driving a car, while others support the idea due to the fact that everything will become simpler to use. It is expected that this type of technology will manage to reduce accidents, which are mainly caused by driver`s errors.

On the other hand, some specialists estimate the fact that self-driving cars will cause an economic imbalance, due to the fact that insurance companies and even hospitals will have fewer cases to deal with. Moreover, if we consider the broader image, we have many drivers for trucks, taxis, large vehicles, buses and so on, jobs that will disappear for sure from the market. The prognosis for those that have such jobs is a bit darker than expected. Researchers estimate that the appearance of such technology will lead to many unemployed people.

The founders of this concept underline one major benefit: the mobility. It is expected that with such technology people will be able to move faster throughout the city (at least in theory). Also, some say that those driverless cars will eliminate the hick line between public and private transportation. We will be able to use a car in the morning and offer it for other people to use it while we do not need it. It is a picture of a greater good that can arise from such new tech. Furthermore, another benefit that we will all want to see is that of a better traffic. These self-driving cars will be the ones that will set the tone on the streets allowing for a good traffic management.

But is this type of technology trustworthy? Besides all of those pros and cons, we will still keep wondering whether or not it is safe to ride in a car that drives itself. Researches affirm that such can be safe and rational. It is still in question if such cars can suffer from internal errors or not, or simply if they can be controlled at all times.

Self-driving cars will become a trend in the near future where we will be faced with this major change. Imagine waking up in the morning, use an app on your phone and simply call for your car. Indeed it resembles the Uber technology, but it has something more: you will simply get your driverless car at your door. Let`s say that in the future we will be challenged to trust such innovative technologies, which will alter the way we see and lead our lives. Ask yourself if you are ready to witness and use this type of upcoming technology.

The Top 5 Vehicles You Should Look Into Purchasing and Why

America loves vehicles because they are good for tons of things. You can work and have fun in a vehicle whenever you want to. We will let you know more things about 5 great vehicles that you purchase today so you can take your life to a whole new level. So read on if you want to know more too.

2017 Toyota Prius

The 2017 Toyota Prius is all about fuel economy. You will not find a better vehicle these days when it comes to fuel efficiency because the 2017 Toyota Prius has been designed with this end in mind. It delivers a comfortable ride along with tons of utility features, and the machine`s liftback design will make for an easy access to the important cargo area. The safety equipment that you will find here is truly amazing for you.

Mazda MX-5 Miata

The Mazda MX-5 Miata is a winner when it comes to pure driving bliss. The machine has been redesigned to give you the comfort and relax that you have been seeking for a long time. Getting a distinct style with the Mazda MX-5 Miata is easy, and the machine is very easy to operate. If you want to enjoy a quiet roadster, the Mazda MX-5 Miata is for you because it has what it takes to do this.

2017 Kia Optima

The 2017 Kia Optima is a great four-doors sedan that you have to see to believe. Though these types of vehicles are losing market share, the 2017 Kia Optima is truly a winner in this segment of the market. The 2017 Kia Optima is a great vehicle, and it does not feel cheap inside. This is awesome if you are a somewhat picky buyer. Since the 2017 Kia Optima has more features for your money most of its rivals, you will get good value for the dough.

2017 Chevrolet Impala

The 2017 Chevrolet Impala is a large sedan with tons of space for its trunk and passengers. Keeping passengers safe and comfortable is something that the 2017 Chevrolet Impala knows how to do very well at all times. The machine will ride smoothly over any rough road or bump, and its quiet interior will allow you to feel peace right away as well.

2017 Subaru Forester

The 2017 Subaru Forester offers both great fuel economy and a room cabin. If you want adventure, the 2017 Subaru Forester will give you just that as it can use an optional turbocharged engine. Since the 2017 Subaru Forester has CVT or continuously variable transmission, it can save a lot of fuel over time. This will allow you to keep your wallet happy longer, which is a great thing for any driver out there.

Remember that these vehicles are here to stay for a long time, as they have been designed to give you maximum comfort, economy, and safety at all times. You cannot go wrong if you put your hands on one of these machines because they offer tons of good things. Remember also that you need to look into safety features and ease of drive on any vehicle you buy.

Write about some interesting tech coming out

Every year, tech savvy people and companies release to the market new technology. We all understand that without new technology, life becomes difficult. Many tech companies are trying out new technologies and concepts, and it is a matter of time before they make the big announcements that they have something for us. Here are some interesting technologies in the market expected to change humanity in the next few days.

Apple iPhone8 3D technology

The Apple Company is in the process of developing a new technology for iPhone8. The technology, when released will have the device front camera fitted with an infrared module. The module will sense the 3D spaces.

The sensors fitted in the iPhone will have the capacity to detect the depth of objects and location surrounding it.

The 3D system is aimed at sending IR lights signals from the iPhone. Once these lights hit the object, they return through the 1.4-megapixel receiver.

The new camera is said to be used for various applications such as the iris scanning, facial recognition and improve your selfie moments.

With this technology, you can put your face on a chosen computer animated character. The front fixed camera with the 3D sensor allows the owner use the selfie for augmented reality.

YouTube TV

Many people use YouTube to watch videos. However, this does not give it the real team effect. The YouTube Company is soon availing its live televisions that will change how people view videos.

The YouTube television will give the users some of the best TV live coverage which is a must watch. In addition to this, the user will get a cloud DVR that comes with no storage limit. It is a new development that will give people an opportunity to watch news as they break and even watch live sports without missing a second.

The new technology will allow users to use their cloud DVR as they go. It allows one to stream the recordings made on another device any time of the day.

The best part is that this new television technology will have all your best media houses and associated channels. There will be more than 40 channels streaming your favorite programs.

Detect black matter

Scientists are in the process of developing a new ultra sensitive machine whose aim is to detect dark matter. The machine, also called Bubble Chamber is more sensitive than the current 17 times.

The invention will help individuals and scientists know the interaction between regular and dark matter.

Telescopes cannot detect ordinary matter, but it can be detected using other interactions. It is the device that will help in the detection and get to know more about the many forms.

The new chamber will help in alerting scientists whenever there is a presence of dark matter in motion. Because this new device in progress is sensitive than others, the developers can use this sensitivity issue to come up with a bigger detector which will run longer. There will be no danger of radiation effects. The Bubble Chamber will have to be filled with a liquid sitting below the boiling point measure.

When a small particle with enough energy slams on the device, the bubbles will start to erupt. The chamber will be filled with a fluorine liquid that creates a bubble when neutrons from certain radiations collide. The device relies on the use of temperature to know if there is dark matter presence.