Write about some interesting tech coming out

Every year, tech savvy people and companies release to the market new technology. We all understand that without new technology, life becomes difficult. Many tech companies are trying out new technologies and concepts, and it is a matter of time before they make the big announcements that they have something for us. Here are some interesting technologies in the market expected to change humanity in the next few days.

Apple iPhone8 3D technology

The Apple Company is in the process of developing a new technology for iPhone8. The technology, when released will have the device front camera fitted with an infrared module. The module will sense the 3D spaces.

The sensors fitted in the iPhone will have the capacity to detect the depth of objects and location surrounding it.

The 3D system is aimed at sending IR lights signals from the iPhone. Once these lights hit the object, they return through the 1.4-megapixel receiver.

The new camera is said to be used for various applications such as the iris scanning, facial recognition and improve your selfie moments.

With this technology, you can put your face on a chosen computer animated character. The front fixed camera with the 3D sensor allows the owner use the selfie for augmented reality.

YouTube TV

Many people use YouTube to watch videos. However, this does not give it the real team effect. The YouTube Company is soon availing its live televisions that will change how people view videos.

The YouTube television will give the users some of the best TV live coverage which is a must watch. In addition to this, the user will get a cloud DVR that comes with no storage limit. It is a new development that will give people an opportunity to watch news as they break and even watch live sports without missing a second.

The new technology will allow users to use their cloud DVR as they go. It allows one to stream the recordings made on another device any time of the day.

The best part is that this new television technology will have all your best media houses and associated channels. There will be more than 40 channels streaming your favorite programs.

Detect black matter

Scientists are in the process of developing a new ultra sensitive machine whose aim is to detect dark matter. The machine, also called Bubble Chamber is more sensitive than the current 17 times.

The invention will help individuals and scientists know the interaction between regular and dark matter.

Telescopes cannot detect ordinary matter, but it can be detected using other interactions. It is the device that will help in the detection and get to know more about the many forms.

The new chamber will help in alerting scientists whenever there is a presence of dark matter in motion. Because this new device in progress is sensitive than others, the developers can use this sensitivity issue to come up with a bigger detector which will run longer. There will be no danger of radiation effects. The Bubble Chamber will have to be filled with a liquid sitting below the boiling point measure.

When a small particle with enough energy slams on the device, the bubbles will start to erupt. The chamber will be filled with a fluorine liquid that creates a bubble when neutrons from certain radiations collide. The device relies on the use of temperature to know if there is dark matter presence.

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